Thursday, June 7, 2018

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Michel François bowl inspired by Jianyang's Sung dynasty bowls

 This technique creates wonderful effects. These 3 pictures are taken on the same bowl and show that very different effects can be obtained depending on little changes to the glaze or to its location (inside or outside).
 Some modern potters are such experts that they obtain almost exactly the same patterns on the whole bowl. While such bowls look spectacular at first, they end up feeling boring and without much personality. What I particularly appreciate on Michel François' Jianyang inspired bowls is the freedom and natural feel of his glaze variations. They are unpredictable and leave a lot of room for imagination. 
This particular bowl has a special green glaze obtained naturally from wood ashes.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday tea

Red is the color of Easter. The tea I choose today is a this new Infrared roasted Oolong. No matter how often I brew the leaves, there's always some sweet flavor. It's a miraculous tea that multiplies the brews and never dies!
The main plant is a thin bamboo with palm like leaves!
This strongly roasted Oolong tastes best when brewed in an old Yixing zisha. That's why I reach for my  Qianlong era Lion and plum flowers hexagonal teapot. Its age makes it precious and special. It serves to remember an event that is 10 times older!
I'm storing this tea in this qinghua jar that happened to be empty. The symbolism couldn't be better: the Chinese character written on this jar means "long life". Having faith in Jesus Christ's Easter sacrifice promises more than that: eternal life!
The taste of this tea in this teapot is simply incredible. It has so much sweetness, finesse and life. This Chaxi brings peace and appreciation for the past. The close ups on this teapot show how the clay is a mix of different particles. The spout has tool marks. The the blue paint brushes show how the color was applied.