Thursday, December 27, 2018

The year 2018 in 12 pictures

Enjoy the pictures I have liked best each month of 2018. They tell a story of calm, beauty and love of tea. Help me determine which one(s) I should turn into a postcard by voting on this Facebook post. Thanks a lot!

December. Ming style tea.

November. Mon nouveau livre numérique est arrivé!

October. The living dead puerh from the early 90s

September. Fushou shan and Tian Chi Oolong gardens

August. Lishan Oolong Chaxi

July. Beauté orientale d'été 2017

June. Existenzmaximum @Alishan

May. Spring Alishan Harvests

April. Printemps 2018

March. Sunset Chaxi among the corals

February. Sunset on lotus lake in Kaohsiung.

January. Wisdom and Peace

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