Monday, May 16, 2022

Spring 2022 harvests in Shan Lin Xi

From afar, the harvesters are like little white dots on the long slope of the high mountain tea plantation. They are taking care of the last plantation in need of harvest in this area. Are they late? Where have the other harvesters moved on? There's a sense of urgency on this cold and grey day of May... 
As far as the eye can see, all the other tea fields look clean and shaven. Empty. A couple of trucks and several scooters can be heard in these mountains, where every sound is amplified and resonates from one flank to the other.
I'm in luck! I'm scouting for tea and mountain pictures. I'm also looking for a place to have tea in nature. Usually, I'm on the look out for a Chinese pavilion, a place with a table and some protection from the sun. But today's foggy weather doesn't require a roof over my head. And I have better than a pavilion, I have a fantastic view!
I set up my Chaxi on the side of a road overlooking a tea plantation and facing a whole tea mountain with at least 20 more tea fields scattered among the bamboo forests.  Did I mention there's also a plantation right behind me?! I feel I'm in the very center of this tea mountain.
The spring tea scents are all around, swirling, echoing, playing, translucent and fresh! By making this tea with leaves that were harvested here just 2 days ago, I'm catching the mood and the taste of mountain. It's in my teapot. It goes into my celadon cup. I can smell and enjoy it as it smoothly goes down my throat, sip by sip.
It's during this whole, this complete, this total tea experience that I decided that this would be my spring Shan Lin Xi batch of 2022. Because it struck a cord. Because it felt good. Because I felt fantastic. And each time I drink this Shan Lin Xi Oolong, I want to feel the same glorious beauty and harmony.
As I have finished my Chaxi, I follow the trail of these scooters that have parked nearby. I could almost see them and definitely could here them while I was pouring my tea. After a short hike up then down, I  meet the group of Vietnamese pickers busy in this plantation. 
Tea happiness starts with happy pickers! 

Thursday, December 30, 2021

12 pictures of 2021

Here's the last post of the year you've all been waiting for. Since 2007, we are closing the year with a review of the 12 best pictures of the year, one per month. 

Every year has ups and downs. Sometimes, it's better to forget about the bad and just celebrate the positive achievements. And tea is about finding happiness and contentment in a sea of frustration, stress, challenges called modern life!

So, I will also ask you to help me choose which 2 of these pictures I should turn into postcards, so that I can add them as gifts to your future tea orders! Please give a like on my FB page to the 2 pictures you like most!

Thank you very much for your support! I wish you a wonderful and healthy New Year 2022!

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Flowing with harmony

Let your actions and words flow with the same grace as tea! 
Imagine that your soul is the leaves. 
Imagine the world as the boiling water that brings pressure and discomfort. 
Imagine that the teapot is your education and culture. 
With its helps your soul will master the rough energy of world and turn it into happiness and harmony.
You make one cup for yourself and share plenty with others...