Friday, March 2, 2018

Sunset Chaxi among the corals

I'm feeling the call of the sea and I'm moving closer to the water!
It's again my winter 2016 high mountain Oolong from QingJing, because it had felt so good the day before.
A large coral rock acts as my tea table. I place it in front of rocks that let me sit comfortably.
My qinghua jar depicts a similar idealized landscape with water and rocks.
The next picture shows how I'm able to brew tea outdoors for these pictures. I'm using a gas stove that is typical for camping here in Taiwan. I place it on my right hand side, so that I can grab the kettle easily, but also so that it won't be in front of my view. I wish I could bring a Nilu, but real fires are often forbidden and gas is much more practical.
There's pleasure in knowing you're in control of your brew!
The soft shine of the sun mirrors the delicacy of the tea.

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